Thursday, 16 August 2012


...was yesterdays word on Fatmumslim's Photo a Day

So here's my boy cookin' up a storm mexican style whilst I am ready and waiting to be served lol!
and very good they were too :)
If you're thinking I may now give you a list of ingredients then sadly you are mistaken, I'm handing that baton right over to Mr Old El Paso whom I can't recommend highly enough!!!

And if it matters and you're mildy interested the photo was given a slight lift by one of the clever filters on the Instagram app.

Due to mundane food shopping & a trip to the dentist for Kieran who has a Grown up tooth bursting out of the side of his gum under the baby tooth - omg gross but apparently common and nothing to worry about (barf!) there was no crafting today.

Instead, I busied myself ordering a large tub of mod podge (bring it on!) and 3 tiny books from Printstagram. They look so cute, I can't wait! - $10 for the books & $12 for the shipping (that's for 72 photos, even though they're just 1.7" x 1.5") 

I've been pondering a photobook from one of the online printing fellas here in the UK, has anyone ever had one made and can you recommend a Company please?
I'll report back on the above guys when they arrive :)

Take care
Kate x


  1. Great to see Kieran cooking, must be good to have someone else to do it - never get that here LOL.

    I have used Photobox for printed books, was very pleased with the result.

    1. Oh yes I think I remember you saying about them, thanks Rosemary xxx

  2. Great photo and yes, I noticed the slight lift from the filter ;) Cute little books, I've used Snapfish in the past and they've been good. xx

    1. My name is Kate & I'm an instagram addict! Thanks, will look at Snapfish too x

  3. Now that food looks goooooodddddd! When Kieran cooks again, let me know and I'll bring the wine LOL.