Thursday, 30 August 2012

Down and down and Frozen!

No not me! I'm feeling "up, up, up" at the moment and it's 15C so not too chilly!

"Down" was (yes, you guessed it!) yesterday's #photooftheday and I have two entries to share
The first is a shot looking down our stairs. I'll miss these stairs

The second is of one of our cats (Twix - don't ask!) who followed and tripped me up for a good hour yesterday afternoon whilst waiting for his afternoon biscuits. Having me home all day is confusing their body clocks I think!

Yesterday I was a good wifey and made a batch of freezer meals for Jim, as we're away from Monday. Complete with cooking instructions as requested :)

I'd best get on and make some more. I think he might not want Penne Bolognese 4 nights in a row! Some sort of curry concoction today.
Later I'm off to see Julie! Looking forward to seeing her and her new crafty home. Whilst she hasn't quite moved in yet I can't wait for a nosey! LilyPie Paints etc can be found in Chart Sutton, nr Maidstone, Kent. I'm so gonna have to put blinkers on when I walk past the Annie Sloan Paints!

Have a great day!
Kate x


  1. Give my love to Julie and tell her I can't wait to see what she is up to.

    1. It's amazing Rosemary, coffee/cake/mooch - fabulous!

  2. Kate you are so organised! Send over some of those freezer meals please!;) Great pictures - love your stairs :) xx

    1. Thanks Christine although I'm fast running out of ideas! Best get googling!

  3. LOVE the stairs and your kitty is too cute!