Thursday, 9 August 2012

Keeping everything crossed!

We've agreed a sale price for our house and a purchase price too for a new dream home. 
Currently, daily life consists of keeping everything crossed, trips to the tip and watching the Olympics. Emotions consist of elation and frustration, mostly excitement and anticipation :)

We took the decision to move back to the Midlands after 12 years in Kent (sandwiched by 2.5 fabulous years in Ireland) for varying reasons including being closer to our families and more conveniently located for Jims work. The challenge was to do all this before Kieran starts secondary school next year.
He starts a new school next month in September (whether we've moved or not!!!) and takes his 11+ within the first week. God love him and keep everything crossed for him too.

So here's the house we're buying

It was built in 1959 and completely renovated and extended in 2009.
The best bit is the annexe which is perfect for my Mum & Dad :)
The other best bit is that we have a spare bedroom which will be perfect for our crafting :) :) :)

So, the purpose of this Blog is to document the everyday leading up to our move then the everyday after the move, to include crafting, cooking, photography, decorating and home decor decisions. I do hope you will join me on this journey, share your stories and ideas having fun along the way!

Take care for now,
Kate x


  1. A beautiful home, I'm keeping everything crossed that it all goes to plan, you deserve it xx

  2. Oh Kate that is beautiful. Hope it all goes through as quickly as you want it.