Saturday, 29 December 2012

Project Life 3x4 Monday to Sunday cards

A set to share :)
I made these just under 3" wide so they'll be easier to slide into your page protectors ;)

And here for Thursday to Sunday

Enjoy x

Just Sharing

Now don't get too excited, I am no digital artist!
However, each time I create a Title or Journalling card for my Project Life album I will share it here.
As I said, they won't be anything fancy but hey ho, it's good to share :)
If you have anything to share on your blog please link to it in the comments, photos of your pages too would be magnificent!

So I made this 6" x 4" one for the title page (Hmmmm kinda obvious but I don't care for wasting time procrastinating & I figure in years to come no one will know or care what the title was!)

The fonts used are Haettenschweiler for Project & CK Typist (love this font) for Life

Click on the image to dowload the psd file

and here is a jpeg which you will have to resize yourself (unless anyone knows another way??!!)

Can't wait to get started!

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Looking Forward

To the New Year as I'm going to embark on a Project Life album. I can't wait!!!
I'm currently busy researching ideas and getting organised as I can see it could be very easy to let this slip.... I fully intend to start back with Fatmumslim's photo a day too!

I've just completed my title page using the gorgeous Doodle Deux range by Prima, the title and year were printed with photoshop. The top left will be left blank for the time being. I'm not entirely sure whether the album will hold a complete year, so it may say Jan - June or similar.
Here's a few shots of said page

What projects are you embarking on next year?

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Saturday, 15 December 2012


Kieran is loving Basketball currently and has joined a club that meets once a week at 8am before school. He was delighted when they picked him to enter this terms tournament at a local high school. They played with children from Cawston, Boughton Leigh and Wolston. It was very exciting with lots of goal opportunities and speedy action. Knightlow came joint third and had lots of fun. Here's a few photos (Kieran is in the black jogging bottoms)!

Just to add thoughts for the poor souls at the elementary school in Connecticut, such a sorry devastating waste of lives......

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Location:Shakespeare Gardens,Rugby,United Kingdom

Thursday, 13 December 2012


Well just look at the date! The last sequential date this century and supposed to be lucky!
Minus 4 degrees this morning and quite a crisp beautiful one too. promised a souvenir for any finds today so off I went after dropping Kieran to school.

I snagged a relatively easy one very near to a friends house, so a warming coffee afterwards was just the ticket (thanks Adele!)
A shame I didn't have my olloclip with me for some macro shots, the frost was amazing.

Then back home to chores but not before a date with this Krispy Kreme fella!

Take care all x
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Monday, 10 December 2012

A few Christmas photos

Of our home :)

Firstly in the hall

The lounge

And a random from the kitchen, i call him the spicekeeper :)

Take care all xxx

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Friday, 7 December 2012

This week...

Has absolutely flown here, it's so nice to be busy though.

Monday was Mireilles birthday :) such a shame we live in different countries. Thanks goodness though for unlimited calls!!!

Tuesday was the Young Voices concert. This was Kieran's 3rd and final year that he could take part. The previous 2 were at the O2 with Grove Park Primary in Sittingbourne.

This year we were at the smaller LG Arena at the NEC in Birmingham. It was a magnificent evening, the highlight for us (except for Kieran of course) was seeing and listening to the African children's choir sing "Sing"

The atmosphere at these events is outstanding, you cannot begin to imagine the volume of sound created!
This is just half of the children!

Also this week saw the Xmas decs go up, it was time for the new 7ft tree :)

Next year I think I might get an amazing garland for the stairs. Ahh and here's a quick snap of Wispa looking quite indignifued in the Santa hat!

No prizes hit guessing what he's thinking lol!

The cold has also finally set in this week, here's a shot from the guest bedroom. Brrrrrrr!

Finally today Mum and I spent most of the day reorganising the craft room and being ruthless in what we're keeping and what's going to charity....
Getting rid of plastic storage is my current aim, we have so many beautiful boxes and trays made from fabrics, wood and wicker that are so naturally beautiful, it's a shame not to use them. These fibres nearly went but I just couldn't!!! So I stuffed them in a small wooden box and made art lol!

Have a great weekend all!
Kate x

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