Friday, 17 August 2012

Food & Twix

not to be confused as one and the same please as Twix is the name of one of our cats...
here he is!
Can you hear him purrrring??!! (just as he dug his claws into my leg, thanks!)

Onto "Food" being the photo word of the day - here is a shot of some Brownies that Kieran made yesterday. Can you believe there were still some left today?!
Chewy goodness :)

In other crafty news I busied myself painting this old wooden storage box.
Don't ask me what's happening to it next yet - any ideas??
Stencils, Stamps, Graphics Fairy images... hmmmmm!

Take care for now
Kate x


  1. If Keiran keeps that up you won't need to do any cooking at all! Love th box BTW

  2. Your cat is gorgeous - he looks like he is smiling! Great box - it's screaming...butterflies to me! :) xx

    1. Thanks Christine! It has to have at least one doesn't it!

  3. Nice pic of Twix and btw, when is Kieran coming over for a visit again? Keep your new pad in mind when setting to that box!

    1. Wait until he's mastered a full Sunday Roast first! You know it might just have to wait until we're in, I just can't picture a home for it yet so it makes choosing a decoration hard x

  4. Awww, your kitty looks like my Snickerdoodle. What a cutie.