Friday, 24 August 2012

Coffee and Coffee

Yesterday was a coffee day!
I snagged this Bright Red cafetiere in Asda's sale for £5.00 the day before, then grabbed some coffee and looked forward to the morning!
Then yesterday evening we drove 2.5 hours from Kent to Warwickshire to stay with my folks.
En route we stopped off for another coffee treat @Starbucks on the M1
Mine a Caramel Frapp with extra cream, his a Skinny Latte :)
(no guesses for who is being good in our family!)

The above photo also doubled as my #photoadayaug which was "pair" as in a pair of coffees, weak interpretation I know but hey, it's a small pictorial documentation of our lives.

We're partying tonight. It's my college friends 15th Wedding Anniversary and I understand a Bucking Bronco will be in attendance - oh my!

Have a great weekend everyone
Kate x


  1. Need to see pick of the bucking bronco!!! Have a great time.

    1. Alas no photos, too dark plus my child chickened out!

  2. I like your pair idea :) I'm on my third year of 365 & feel like I'm repeating photos so you need to think outside the box :) happy wedding anniversary!

    1. Thank you Lou, that must be a challenge with the photos!