Sunday, 19 August 2012

London's Borough Market

Yay! Happy Day for me!
I finally got to visit Borough Market in Southwark London.
It was such a lovely day, the sun shone it it was at least 30 degrees C - phew!

The first photo also doubles as my #photoadayaug - Inside
Inside this bun is a BRT
(bacon, rocket & tomato with mustard mayo)

Breakfast buns at Maria's Market Cafe

But wait! Before that Kieran had already scoffed an amazing Smoked Toulouse Sausage on a stick.....

and tasted some chicken curry!

A few random shots of slurpiness


Hungry yet?!
I'll post more photos in the next post.
Blogger seems to have had enough.

Kate x

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  1. Salivating!! It is a fantastic place, I meant to say pop into Southwark Cathedral, it's right next to Borough Market, amazing inside. xx