Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Clock and Back to School

Yesterdays #photoadayaug prompt word was "Clock"
Now, I could have gone mad with this one as I have a slight Clock thing, love 'em!
I settled on this one which is in our conservatory (note to self: take it down before we move!)
We purchased this station like clock in a cute shop in France, sighhhhh!
Any hoo, here it is!

Our dear son starts a new school next Tuesday up in the Midlands.
Even though we haven't moved yet, we felt it only right he started a new school from the start of the school year instead of changing a month down the line. So the next few weeks will be different to say the least!
Kieran and I will be bunking at my Mum and Dads whilst Jim will be back in Kent with the cats... not ideal but it won't be for long :)
To add to that, a week this Saturday Kieran will be sitting his 11+ exam at Southam College so the last few weeks we have been having a wee practice each morning.
Phew! I don't mind telling you this Maths book is testing my memory too!
Heads down, off we go!


  1. Good luck Kieran, hope everything goes well I'm sure you'll pass ok x

    1. Thanks Sue, we'll keep everything crossed!