Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My first Quilt!

Last week I completed my first "Raw Edge" or "Rag" Quilt!
Whatever it's called I love it, I love that it was sew easy (groan!) and I also love the fabric.
It's a "French General - La Belle Fleur" Layer cake by Moda which contains 40 10" x 10" squares. This I bought on Ebay.

The Beautiful Batting I purchased from a Wonderful Quilting shop quite local to us called "The Bramble Patch" in Weedon, Northants. (talk about kid in a sweet shop!)
The backing is from a brushed cotton single sheet from Dunelm Mill.

My friend Jane completed one a year or so back and I knew then I needed to have a try. In the meantime I've been pinning ideas onto my Fabric & Sewing board on Pinterest.
If you take a peek you can see the sites where my inspirations came from (mostly from Bloom & Blossom) Mine is different in that I haven't bound the edges and my quilting shape was slightly different. I feel confident now to have a go with different designs next time!

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Oooh now that is stunning. Love the colours.
    Was it easy to make?

    Barbara xx

  2. Thank you Barbara and yes very, otherwise I wouldn't have been able lol!!!

  3. Thank you Kate for your lovely message on my blog. Your quilt looks gorgeous. You have done a superb job of it. Outstanding for a first quilt. It has sincerely made my day to know that my humble little tutorial has contributed to your first adventure into quilting. I hope it is the just start of a long and enjoyable quilting journey! Coincidently, my seventeen year old has just finished her very first quilt too, using the same tutorial. It's a nice thought that you have both been beavering away on opposite sides of the globe on the same thing :) Best wishes, Ros.

    1. Hey thanks, thanks to the internet it's now a small world!

  4. Fab Quilt Kate. I've pinned a few of those style ones myself but great to now have heard of a person in 'real life' who made one! You may have inspired me ( of course I'd have to go shopping first...!). Love it. Well done.

    1. Ahhh the shopping! I'm torn with PB & J by Basic Grey and Odds & Ends by Cosmo Cricket at the moment!!!