Saturday, 29 December 2012

Just Sharing

Now don't get too excited, I am no digital artist!
However, each time I create a Title or Journalling card for my Project Life album I will share it here.
As I said, they won't be anything fancy but hey ho, it's good to share :)
If you have anything to share on your blog please link to it in the comments, photos of your pages too would be magnificent!

So I made this 6" x 4" one for the title page (Hmmmm kinda obvious but I don't care for wasting time procrastinating & I figure in years to come no one will know or care what the title was!)

The fonts used are Haettenschweiler for Project & CK Typist (love this font) for Life

Click on the image to dowload the psd file

and here is a jpeg which you will have to resize yourself (unless anyone knows another way??!!)

Can't wait to get started!

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