Saturday, 1 September 2012

September, Hidden and Blue Moon

I love the t'internet.
If it wasn't for the internet I would have never found out that last nights full moon was indeed a "Blue Moon" as in "once in a blue moon" The reason? Last nights was the second full moon in the month and that doesn't happen very often! Brilliant! So, was it actually coloured blue??? Well I just had to run out the front door clutching my phone hoping to get a shot. I had a couple of mins to wait as it was hiding behind clouds....
what do you think? (no manipulation - honest)

@nasagoddard shared this info on Instagram and twitter, here is his (or indeed hers, I have no idea!) much better photo!

To my delight I also remembered (very late) that the #photoadayaug for yesterday was "Hidden" so I'm submitting my moon pic for that too (insert smug grin here)

So I'm sharing FatMumSlim's #FMSphotoadaySEPT list for September if you fancy joining in.

Have a great Saturday!
I will mostly be fighting for the TV to watch the Paralympics ha!
Kate x

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